Why switch to Binks ?

📲   Easier and faster

All in One App. Account opening in 4 minutes: no more than 2 documents required. Instant validation and immediate access to card numbers. High speed transfers, right away top up. People are evolving on a fast-moving world. We make all necessary effort to simplify our lives.

🌍   No hidden fees

Forget everything about hidden bank fees and payment charges. Because your card should work for you, we decided to eliminate them.

💳   A card never made before

We take your security seriously so we decided to completely reinvent your card: no visible numbers, neither on the front nor on the back.

🚀   Higher payment limits

Vous ne serez jamais bloqué. Les limites de paiement ont été considérablement augmentées : 20x plus élevées que celles des banques traditionnelles. Jusqu’à 100 000 euros par mois.aYou won’t never get stuck. Payment limits drastically increased: 20x higher than traditional banking. Up to €100.000 per month.

🔐   Respect of privacy

We respect your privacy. Your data is never shared or sold to third parties for marketing or advertising.

💬   Here to help you

Even if it’s online, we have real humain beings ready to help you. Just call a Specialist or chat in-app.