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Get back control of your money

Don’t let the banks infantilize you by making decisions for you.

Sign up in 5 minutes.

Once approved you can use your virtual card instantly and receive your physical card within 3-5 working days.

Follow your live account activity.

Get notified every time something happens: payment, withdrawal, transfer.

Fraud protection

The numbers aren’t shown on the physical card.

Assistance 24/7

No more worrying about your banker answering.
Receive an answer in less than 30 minutes.

All funds deposited are covered.

Whatever the amount. Binks cannot touch, invest, or lend the funds of its users.

Get started now !

€7,99 per month debited from your Binks account only when you have the necessary funds.

  • Free UK account
  • Payment limit up to €100,000
  • Zero fees on all worldwide payments
  • No withdrawal fees up to €500 per month
  • Priority assistance
  • Worldwide express shipping